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grits? or grit?

Anthony dishes (haha) all about grits and grit. Grit is “courage and resolve” or “strength of character.” Watch and listen. Today’s episode is all about perseverance, grit, and endurance. Basically all things that are tough for me but Anthony has already habituated. I read a book about grit and tracking how it affects people years […]

sign up to bake bread with me?

Who wants to come to a zoom meeting and bake bread with me? I’m NO pro but make one kind that’s really easy, pretty well. Okay, email me and let me know so I can give you the zoom info & password! wholeparenting @ gmail. We’ll do it in about 2 weeks when you’ve had […]

frequent discouragement

It’s not just because of the global pandemic and my heart is broken for families who have lost loved ones, suffered greatly mentally, economically, and emotionally. It’s actually something I struggle with regularly: discouragement. Like a wave, it sometimes washes over me and I feel trapped under it. Other times, it is pulled away from […]