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the “right” way to become a saint

  How many times do you see fights about Catholic womanhood on the internet? How many tweets and replies and heated stranger-v-stranger on someone else’s facebook post about the right way to be a Catholic woman and the only way to be a saint. It kinda turns my stomach. Look, I get it. We all love a moral higher ground! We all want to feel fully vindicated in our choices […]

Spring Sewing

Ah! It’s nearly spring here in Minnesota and as I gaze upon my poor neglected blog I realized, yes, it’s been two months since I said anything here. Did you miss me?! Spring means I’ve been sewing up a storm. But in a fun twist of events, so has my dear friend Cynthia. When you […]

on failing as a lawyer & gifts

I sent resume after resume on the resume paper you’re supposed to send it out on. The employment market had crashed to a smoldering pile of burnt resumes (mine, all of them, probably). My credentials from law school and a federal clerkship, a work-abroad fellowship, all did not amount to the 5-8 years experience required.  So when we moved […]

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